Discipline and Limit Setting: Building Self Control

One of the biggest challenges parents and nannies face is teaching young children how to cope with very strong feelings. Often this learning experience centers on a discussion about discipline. How do you set limits? How do you teach children not to hit, bite or scream in pubic places? What do you do when two children are fighting over the same toy in the playground? What many parents and nannies may not recognize is that disciplining is helping young children through the developmental task of learning self-control. In order to follow rules and understand limits, children need to develop self-control. This process begins at birth and continues throughout the life span. Parents and Nannies working together teach young children how to control their strong emotions in infancy (developing self-soothing skills) through the preschool years (learning how to share toys and the attention of others). Zero to Three offers ideas and suggestions on how to teach self-control throughout the early years. http://www.zerotothree.org/early-care-education/family-friend-neighbor-care/discipline-and-limit-setting.html