The Nanny Parent Exchange: Open Communication Between You and Your Nanny

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When parents and nannies first begin working together there is a mutual understanding of the importance of open communication. But as time goes by, even with the best intentions, open communication often doesn’t happen. Everyone is busy, the kids are sick, the holidays are approaching—there’s always a reason why that potentially awkward conversation needs to be pushed pack one more day.

Adding to this pragmatic challenge, parents and nannies can find it difficult to discuss important and yet emotionally charged issues. Is the child’s behavior getting out of control? Is the nanny not getting the laundry or dishes done while the baby naps? Does the nanny want more money? Are the parents chronically late coming home? What was once a small issue can escalate between nannies and families if open lines of communication are not in place, leading to annoyance and resentment.

Talking to your nanny about certain issues may be challenging—you may feel like she’s such a part of the family that you’re reluctant to tell her what to do, or you may be dealing with your own feelings of inadequacy as a parent for leaving your child with a caregiver. Chances are, every parent who has hired a nanny will feel face communication challenges at one time or another, as this New York Times article from 2010 describes.

Although written five years ago, the topic and themes woven through the article are still oh-so-relevant in 2015, and well worth a moment of your time to read—even if it simply helps you feel as though you’re not alone when it comes to nanny parent communication challenges.