Hiring a Nanny: Challenges and Solutions

Chirp: Connecting Families and Nannies
Chirp: Connecting Families and Nannies

Whether you've just had your first child, you're going back to work, or you simply need assistance with the day to day chaos of raising children, the time may be right to consider hiring a nanny. It may sound simple, but the fact is, hiring a nanny to care for your children in your absence may be one of the most important decisions you can make in your family's life. After all, you want the nanny to be an excellent caregiver who not only adheres to your parenting style, but whom your kids will trust and come to love as part of the family.

But what considerations should be made in attempting to find a nanny? One of the challenges is the sheer number of questions you must ask and answer in the process, many of which you may never have thought of.  Here's some to consider:

  1. What kind of nanny arrangement will suit your family best?
  2. Will the nanny's job description include housework or errands? 
  3. Will the nanny receive health benefits, paid holidays, sick days?
  4. What about a preference for language, education/training or amount of experience?

 These and many, many more probing questions must be addressed as you go about your search for a nanny to ensure your family ends up with a good fit. Chirp has ample experience helping parents consider these important decisions and assists families step by step through the nanny hiring process. We utilize a 15 page workbook filled with questions about what you're looking for in a childcare arrangement, questions for the potential nanny, and information about the hiring process in general. To take a look at this nanny selection workbook, click here.