Safe and Sound: Important Authorization Forms Every Family Needs to Use

When you leave your child in the care of a nanny, there are some important forms to fill out in order to ensure that your nanny has the ability to carry out her job properly and legally. The Authorization to Treat a Minor form authorizes a physician to treat your child during a medical emergency, and the Driver Authorization form allows your nanny to legally drive your children to school and other activities during your absence.

Let’s discuss the importance of these two forms further.

Have you ever stopped to think about what will happen if your child has a medical emergency while under the care of your nanny?

There are two scenarios. In the first scenario, you have filled out an Authorization to Treat a Minor form in advance of leaving your child with your nanny. In this case, if you cannot be immediately reached when your child becomes ill or injured, your nanny can present the form with your signature, allowing your child to receive medical care immediately.

In scenario number two, you have not completed the authorization form. Unless it is a life or death emergency where immediate care is given whether you have the form completed or not, doctors and hospitals may actually decline treatment to your child until you can be reached. Even if your child is in pain and discomfort, doctors may be legally unable to treat them—meaning that your child could be waiting hours before they receive medical attention.

Avoid scenario number two and be prepared: Your nanny should have this form readily available should she need to take your child to the hospital, physician’s office or after hours clinic. Even if you can’t be there, this form allows the physician to start treatment immediately.

The Driver Authorization form gives your nanny permission to drive your child in the car(s) you indicate on the form. This form is oftentimes a requirement for daycare, school, sports activities or classes that your child attends. It may also be asked for should your nanny be questioned by law enforcement for any reason, such as a minor traffic violation. By completing this form in advance, you can be assured that should any questions arise, your nanny can prove she is legally allowed to transport your child.

As with other important documents such as emergency contact numbers, it is important to keep these two authorization forms in an easily accessible place so that your nanny can quickly access them if necessary.

The Authorization to Treat a Minor and the Driver Authorization forms are both available within Chirp’s Emergency Forms kit. Click here for your free PDF download.

Photo credit: Rob, Joyce, Alex & Nova/Flickr