Current Trends in the Nanny Market

With the higher costs of living in the San Francisco Bay Area, Nanny salaries are on the rise with a range of $18-25 / hour and higher. To offset the high cost of care parents are connecting with other parents to create share care arrangements and hiring a nanny to care for both children at the same time in one or both of the parents’ homes.

Share care arrangements command higher nanny salaries with a range of $24 – 28/hour but the costs are divided equally between both families. This has proven to be a cost effective solution to hiring a nanny. However, creating and maintaining these arrangements can be challenging. Chirp has developed some basic guidelines on how to create these arrangements - to download these guidelines, click here: Share Care Worksheet-2

Benefits have become expectable for permanent placements whether full or part time and include vacation, holiday and sick pay. Vacation is accrued monthly to provide two weeks annually for full-time and pro-rated for part-time schedules. Most families request at least one vacation week to be taken when the parents take their vacation. Holidays are the standard Federal holidays (New Years, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas). Many parents offer the day after Thanksgiving. Sick leave is accrued to a maximum of forty hours during the term of employment and can be used to care for a sick family member or relative. To review the San Francisco Sick Leave Ordinance describing terms for sick leave click here: San Francisco Sick Leave Ordinance

Slow growth in hiring for elementary school teachers and nurses has brought recent graduates into the market; many of these young women have cared for children on a part-time basis while in school. These candidates are often good candidates for families needing short term or temporary childcare while the candidates continue to find work in their chosen professions.