Chirp offers a unique, highly personalized approach to finding and choosing the right nanny for your family.

Chirp begins the process by meeting with you in the comfort of your home.We want to know what you want in the right nanny and what you want to avoid. We give you a good idea of the market and what to expect in order to find the ideal candidate.

Chirp then presents nannies to you that have the personal characteristics and child care approach that will work best for your family. We evaluate the variables of personality, character and experience in candidates that are most important to you.

Chirp does all of the logistical work. We set up the interviews for you and ensure that you, the candidate and the paperwork are ready for this important meeting. We join you for these important first meetings ensuring that all the important questions get asked and that your needs are fully expressed to the nanny candidates.

Chirp counsels you to make the right decision. We help you evaluate the differences between candidates in the areas most important to you. How does each candidate match up with your childrearing orientations, your child’s temperament and idiosyncrasies, your family’s lifestyle, the type of Employer-Employee relationship you want to create, or the responsibilities your nanny will assume? We want you to feel comfortable you are making the best possible choice.

Chirp manages the hiring process. We make certain your selected candidate completes the required health/safety and background checks. We facilitate decisions on employment terms so you and your nanny have these in a signed contract before she starts her first day of work.

Chirp stays involved. We want to ensure everyone continues to work collaboratively and your nanny’s job performance remains high. Chirp meets with you and your nanny on two occasions within the first three months of hiring to evaluate performance and resolve any problems before they become problematic.

Our proven process combined with our close relationships with the best nannies throughout the entire San Francisco Bay Area ensures that your search is easy, convenient and successful. Depend on Chirp to help find the right nanny for you.


Our Mission

Our mission is to support families in making one of the most important decisions of their life - hiring someone to be part of their family and support them in providing safe, responsible care for their children.  We create relationships with families and the community of caregivers in the San Francisco Bay Area over the long term.  We want to ensure children get the best care possible to support their development.

Alyce is amazing! Her service went well beyond finding us a nanny —
she clearly was committed to
finding a perfect fit for our family. We cannot recommend her
highly enough!

— Emily, mother of a 3mos old son