9 Reasons Why Nannies Should Join the International Nanny Association (Plus how to get a FREE membership)

According to its website, the mission of the International Nanny Association (INA) is to serve as the go-to association for the in-home child care industry by providing information, education and guidance to the public and to industry professionals.

So why should you (or your Nanny) be a part of the INA? Here are 9 good reasons.

  1. The opportunity to win the Nanny of the Year Award and be recognized for your outstanding impact on the lives of the children you care for.
  2. The chance to attend the organization’s annual conference where you can network with others in the childcare industry and attend educational workshops to help you up your game.
  3. You’ll receive members only access to INA’s online community designed exclusively for INA Members. This gives Nannies access to professional and personal development tools.
  4. Members have access to exclusive INA publications, forms and tools at a discounted rate—20% off.
  5. The chance to take part in the INA’s Nanny Mentor Program. New to the industry? This program pairs experienced Nannies with newbies to help them learn the ropes of their new careers.
  6. You’ll receive a discount on the Nanny Credential Exam—a multiple choice exam developed by INA, in consultation with child care educators to test a nanny’s practical knowledge of child care. Trust us, having this exam on your resume looks good.
  7. As an official member, you can also feature the INA member designation in your portfolio or on your resume.
  8. Inside access to other members and industry professionals around the globe, which provides the opportunity for worldwide networking.
  9. Last but not least, by becoming a member, you’re showing the world that you’re partnering with the INA to professionalize the industry, to promote quality in-home child care, to increase awareness about the nanny profession, and to educate parents about the benefits of hiring a qualified nanny to care for their children.

Now you know why you should join, and we’re giving you the opportunity to win a FREE one-year membership!

We’re looking for Nannies to feature in our monthly newsletter spotlight. To enter, all you have to do is email admin@chirpchirpchirp.com with the subject “Nanny Spotlight.”

We’ll send you an email asking you a few questions about yourself, and we’ll use that information to spotlight you in an upcoming newsletter. Not only will all Nannies featured win a one-year INA membership, but they’ll get the recognition of being spotlighted in the newsletter for all Chirp clients and Nannies to see.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Photo credit: Ed Yourdon/Flickr